What is Torqbar?

The Torqbar is a high-precision, hand-spinning device made from various metals using an automated Computer Numerical Contol (CNC) milling process. The Torqbar has a provisional patent. We take our Intellectual Property (IP) seriously and will exercise our right to protect our IP to the fullest extent of the law. Many people claim it helps them with ADHD, Cessation, OCD, anxiety, PTSD, meditation and boredom. The Torqbar provides the user with a calming effect and focus. Check out this third party review of the Torqbar.

All sales are final.

Our business model requires us to pre-sale our products at this time. We then make commitments to our vendors to fulfill those orders. When you break your promise to us and we have to break our promise to our vendors, the community as a whole is affected by higher prices and potentially lower availability. Please double check your order before you purchase. We will not issue refunds, credits, exchanges or modifications of any kind after the sale.

What if my order is lost or damaged during shipping?

MD Engineering LLC is not responsible for lost or damaged orders once the order has been delivered to the USPS. All claims for lost or damaged orders during shipping must be addressed with the USPS.

How do I contact MD Engineering LLC?

Send a message to sales@mdengllc.com with any pre-sales questions. Send a message to support@mdengllc.com with any post-sales questions. Please be sure to include as much information (order number, full name, email address, shipping address, etc.) about your order as possible so we can verify you. Please be patient with us as we receive a high volume of messages and we are unable to reply instantly to your message.

I’ve emailed you to change my address, but haven’t received a response

Please be patient with us, we are presently overloaded with requests. We will read your message and we will reply to you. Please do not send us multiple messages it slows down the process for everyone.

How does your shopping cart work?

You have the option to checkout using Paypal Express or standard credit card checkout. There is no "inventory reserve". You are not guaranteed the items in your cart until the transaction is completed.

What is the difference between “Bead Blasted/Tumbled Finish” and “Machine Finish”?

What is the difference between “Bead Blasted/Tumbled Finish” and “Machine Finish”? Bead Blasted/Tumbled is a smooth finish with softened edges while the Machine finish is direct from our CNC Mills. It is a bright finish with visible machining marks. See the images below for examples of each finish in copper.

When will I receive my Torqbar? Will I receive tracking information?

Our pre-sales offerings come with an estimated ship date time frame. This time frame is based on our experience with our machine shops. There are factors outside of our control to deliver your Torqbar to you. If we experience delivery delays we will contact you as soon as possible to inform you of your new estimated delivery date. We will provide you with an email notification containing tracking information once it is available. Your order is still in manufacturing until you receive this notification.

How much will shipping cost?

Shipping and handling fees are calculated at the time you place your order and depend on your shipping address. A shipping and handling fee is charged on every order. You will save on shipping fees by placing one order with multiple items as opposed to multiple orders. We cannot consolidate your orders if you decide to place multiple orders and want them to all ship together.

When will I be charged for the Torqbar?

You will be charged at the time of purchase. We are pre-selling the Torqbar at this time. This means you pay before you receive your item. Estimated shipping dates are included in the online store and in your shopping cart before you purchase. Please be sure you accept these terms before you purchase your Torqbar. All sales are final.

Is rush delivery available?

Rush delivery is not available at this time.

Is Torqbar available in retail stores?

Torqbar is not available in retail stores at this time.

Can I pick up my Torqbar in Seattle?

No. We do not have a store in Seattle and cannot meet you to deliver in person.

Does the Torqbar come with a warranty?

MD Engineering LLC has a stringent quality control process. We will fix or replace any Torqbar with a manufacturing defect within 30 days of purchase. This does not include any malfunctions resulting from negligence on your part including but not limited to physical damage to the Torqbar, significant alterations or modifications, or a bearing with any contamination such as dirt, pocket lint, or lubricant of any type. Please send an email message to support@mdengllc.com with your request for warranty replacement.

What happens if my bearing needs to be replaced?

In most cases your bearing will last many years and proper cleaning will resolve most issues. See our post on proper cleaning here ( https://www.facebook.com/notes/md-engineering-llc/cleaning-your-torqbar/855972321212375 ). If you have tried to clean your bearing and your bearing must be replaced, please contact us at support@mdengllc.com and receive authorization to return your Torqbar for bearing replacement. Submit your request with pictures of your Torqbar including a close up picture of the bearing with the button caps removed similar to the picture at the bottom of our proper cleaning post listed above. We provide a warranty with your Torqbar for 30 days from the date of purchase. We warranty against manufacturing defects including defective bearings.

We reserve the right to refuse work on any Torqbar for any reason. MD Engineering LLC is not responsible for any damage including but not limited to custom finish or modifications of any type, original finish or modifications of any type or any other damage caused during repair work.

Bearing replacement is $45. This includes labor to remove the existing bearing, the cost of the replacement bearing, the labor to install the new bearing, cleaning and testing.

Customer is responsible for shipping the Torqbar in both directions in all instances (even if we refuse to work on it for any reason, this is why we require pre-authorization). Fees are $8 for shipping and handling to ship your Torqbar back to you in the US with $50 insurance, $12 for shipping and handling to ship your Torqbar back to you in the US with $200 insurance. Please contact us for shipping and handling fees with more than $200 insurance or international addresses. MD Engineering LLC is not responsible for items lost or damaged during shipping for any reason. We will provide you with tracking information once it is available. All claims for lost or damaged products during shipping must be addressed with the USPS.

May I change my order?

We understand mistakes happen and we would be happy to make changes to your address or contact information. We cannot make changes to the quantity or timing of your order (see “all sales are final” above). Please take care to double check your order before you purchase. We make mistakes as well. We will need to positively identify you and your order so send your request with as much information as possible to support@mdengllc.com

Can you change the customs declaration on my International order to something inexpensive so I can avoid spending outrageous taxes when it arrives?

We have given this a great deal of thought and would like to help you out. Unfortunately, our legal advisers have suggested this presents too much risk to our business at this time, so we will not lower the value on the customs declaration.